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Ned Eddins

The Internet sites listed below have been selected for content and historical accuracy. These are large sites with a tremendous amount, and variety of information, on Lewis and Clark, Mountain Men, Native American Indians, Canadian Fur Trade, and Trade Beads. Books used for Mountains of Stone and the website are listed under bibliography.

Mountain Man Internet Sites:

Mountain Man Fur Trade Journals – Library of Western Fur Trade Historical Source Documents Dairies, Narratives, and Letters  of the Mountain Men.

Mountain Men Page – The Mountain Men: Pathfinders of the West 1810 –1860 – University of Virginia.

Discoverers Web Homepage – A vast source of information on early North American voyages of discovery and exploration.

Overland Trail – Diaries, Memoirs, Letters, Reports, Maps, and Historical sites along the Trails of Western Migration.

Academic Information – American West and the Westward Movement.

Canadian Internet Sites:

Canadian Encyclopedia

David Thompson – Canadian history on David Thompson and the Rocky Mountain House.

Lewis and Clark Internet Sites:

PBS Online – Lewis and Clark – Journals of the Corps of Discovery

Indian Internet Sites: – an excellent site on various American Indian subjects.

Archeao Art Media – James Q Jacobs maintains the finest site on the internet for information on Indian Rock Art.

Southwest Indian Relief Council – provides program services that benefit Native Americans throughout the Southwest. Many articles on the Southwest Indians.

Native Web – Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World.

One of Many Feathers – A large Community bulletin board covering many Native American Topics.

Native American Languages – the site is a compendium of online materials about more than 800 indigenous languages of the Western Hemisphere. Many of the languages are being worked on, but there is still a lot of information and useful links.

American Indian Library Home Page Article Linkss  – Wide variety of information on Native Americans.

Academic Information – Native American Studies  – excellent source.

First Nations  – Histories of Native American Tribes of the United States and Canada.

Trade Bead Internet Sites:

Bead Bugle – This highly innovative medium aims to bring together various levels of novice and professional bead enthusiasts — artists, collectors, designers, importers, suppliers, users, and other interested persons, and serve as a mechanism for dissemination of news, ideas, and information on beads.

Bead Research Center  – Study of all beads with an emphasis on the people involved.

Native American Beadwork – Large Bibliography of Native American Beadwork. Mindy Callaway, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Texas at Austin.

Internet Educational Sites:

Teacher Oz’s Kingdom of History – This is a large site with a vast amount of early American and Colonial history.

PBS – The West – Articles from the resources and archives of  the Public Broadcast.

Museum of the Mountain Man – Pinedale, Wyoming.

Museum of the Fur Trade – Chadron, Nebraska.

Women of the West – Short stories on the women of the west.

Spanish Mustangs  – Organized in 1957, Spanish Mustang  breeders, are working to preserve these special horses.

Books and Magazines:

Project Gutenberg – Source of e-books that were written prior to 1923.

Carl Roters – The Rendezvous Murals at Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park are based on sketches from the 1837 rendezvous by Alfred Jacob Miller.

Carl Roters and the Rendezvous Murals is a recently published book by David and Susan Burwen on the artist, the murals, and the history of the mountain man rendezvous.

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Mountains of Stone                 Winds of Change

There have been many requests for copies of pictures from the website. The best website pictures, and others from Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and Star Valley, Wyoming, have been put on a CD. The pictures make beautiful screensavers, or can be used as a slide show in Windows XP. When ordering Mountains of Stone, request the CD and I will send it free with the book… click on…

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